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Nagios Core Administration Cookbook >

Nagios Core Administration Cookbook

Chapter 7 of the book covers installation, configuration and use of Nagios. Additionally, the book talks about integrating Nagios with other software such as pukiwiki, snmptt, and perfparse. Also, I feel that he makes good choices in his recommendations on managing the configuration (which I personally think is much harder than actually writing the configuration). The book was written by Douglas Mauro and Kevin Schmidt and published in September, 2005. The chapters cover a variety of topics in detail and I have no doubt that the book will act as a valuable resource to new and seasoned Nagios users alike. Data Science for Business Learning Spark Hadoop Fundamentals for Data Scientists and 6 more > Get all 9 titles for a 60% savings. Building Internet Firewalls, 2nd Edition NetSaint is mentioned in OReillys Building Internet Firewalls, 2nd Edition. Chapter 9: Managing Configuration Introduction Grouping configuration files in directories Keeping configuration under version control Configuring host roles using groups Building groups using regular expressions Using inheritance to simplify configuration Defining macros in a resource file Dynamically building host definitions . Home Shop Video Training & Books Radar Safari Books Online Conferences Browse Subjects Apple Apple Apple Apps Apple Programming iOS Programming iPad, iPhone, & iPod Mac Apps & Software Apps & Software Apple Apps Design Apps Office & SharePoint Photoshop & Photo Apps Web & Mobile Apps Audio & Video Audio & Video Audio Video Business Business Accounting & Finance Agile & Lean Business Management & Leadership Career Development Entrepreneurship IT Leadership Project Management Sales & Marketing Society & Culture Certification Certification Cisco Certification Linux Certification Microsoft Certification & Training PMP Other Certification Data Data Data Analysis & Visualization Data Topics Non-Relational Databases SAS Oracle Relational Databases SQL Server Data Science Starter Kit The tools you need to get started with data, from basic statistics to complex modeling and large-scale analytics. All other servicemarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owner.

The recipes in this book will demonstrate how to leverage Nagios Core's advanced configuration, scripting hooks, reports, data retrieval, and extensibility to integrate it with your existing systems, and to make it the rock-solid center of your network monitoring world. Published in June of 2000. If you dont have time to sit down and learn Nagios, but you want to get started with its configuration, then yes, you should pick this book up. Learning Nagios 3.0 Packt Publishing has released Learning Nagios 3.0 written by Wojciech Kocjan in October of 2008. DropPDF Nagios Core Administration Cookbook PDF (24.48 MB) Download . Open Source Network Administration Nagios is covered (along with other open source network admin packages) in a book by James Kretchmar titled Open Source Network Administration. Thanks to Anand Deveriya for bringing this to my attention. I mean, I like monitoring in general, but I like Nagios because it doesnt necessarily tell me what I have to monitor, and it especially doesnt tell me how I have to monitor it. 0% . All rights reserved.

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